Robotic Process Automation

The demand for reliability and productivity has led to increasing adoption and application of automation. Robotic process automation has arrived which can now carry out rule-based tasks related to information technology, customer service, and human resources. Many repetitive tasks now relegated to business process outsourcing are getting competition from robotic process automation.

Medical Transcription App

Doctors to login and record their prescription easily. One click recording and saving the file on a particular location for further processing. Backend application to allocated files to respective individuals for transcription Mobile App alert on successful completion of transcription

Shortlisted for Startup Launch by Google Developers!

We have been selected for Startup Launch by Google’s Developer Relations team. The program mission is to help entrepreneurs start up, grow, and scale their ventures using Google technologies. Google Start-up Launchpad They’ve compiled a huge list of events, programs, and resources based on the preferences we selected. As a participant in Startup Launch We’ll […]

Accredition from FBStart Program

An another great accreditation from industry tycoon. Yes! We have been selected for the Bootstrap track of FbStart, Facebook’s new program to help startups succeed. Our app was chosen because of its exciting potential for growth and we’re thrilled to be able to work with them. As part of the Bootstrap track, we are eligible […]

BizSpark Accredited

Welcome to 625001. This is our first post. Our Start-up 625001.Co is now a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program! We can learn more about the many benefits of the BizSpark program when we login to the My BizSpark page on the BizSpark Website. There are a number of resources available to build your business […]

Authors/Publishers Marketing Solution

As a quick app without any download, installation and permission granting issues, all the details about your books and related promotional content in customer’s mobile will facilitate them to know more about your books, and influences them to buy. You can broadcast your offers and other details to personal devices of your customers! Practically, you […]