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As a quick app without any download, installation and permission granting issues, all the details about your books and related promotional content in customer’s mobile will facilitate them to know more about your books, and influences them to buy. You can broadcast your offers and other details to personal devices of your customers! Practically, you have your own mobile app for customers which runs in all platforms to promote your books and improve your business! 

You can publish your book list, future & past releases, book previews,  reviews, nearby selling points, sales contacts and other details like  offers, store location in map, route & distance etc., to personal devices of your target audience! It also allows ordering a book, book a copy (pre-order), place  spot enquiry, registration for future offers/updates on future releases, single click-to-call a store/sales person, express interest, recommend, mark likes, opinion polls, contests etc., thereby switching  and broadening advertising capability of non-interactive limited medium like printed advertisements, flex boards, social media posts and videos, to interactive digital catalog in customer devices!

Through IWontMiss, customers are immediately connected and remain connected with your attractions, services and offers. They can check in their own device all such books  and services, mark their favorite bookprovide feedback, and mention what book they would like to look forward. Public can book or order a book from anyplace, starting right from home, in front of a book store, while seeing your advertisements, from social media, from exhibition venue, or from a marketing-event location. We allow customers to experience your specialties and make them get interested even they are unknown to your sales team or away from your reach! All soon-to-be buyers now have your digital catalog in their own device to carry, search and interact, anytime anywhere!

Also, IWontMiss redirects business opportunities and leads to right target by giving details about your books and services in customer’s mobile. It smartly tracks and runs analytics on customer trends, preferences, regional trends, product interests, media coverage etc., and helps you in taking the next wise step to grow own business! Reports, graphs and analysis on such data are provided for your access, which will aid you  in intelligent business decisions and optimize promotional cost .

This is the easiest and quickest way to reach your clients and have good customer visibility. 

All you need to do is just place your IWontMiss account links and scan codes/patterns. 


       In books, brochures, catalogues, flyers, notices and banners.

       At book stores, leisure joints and public places. 


       In advertisements, social media, newspapers, websites and magazines

       On nearby streets, lanes or high-ways

       Nearby malls, buildings, etc.

       Over entrances, lounges, lobbies of halls where you conduct promotional events.

       At your exhibition counters and entrance of expo halls. 

       In business cards & gifts. 

Now public will point their mobile at the above said promotional materials just to get all details in their mobile. They can set it as a mobile app (home icon) or bookmark to quickly access your attractions, take business actions immediately and revisit again!

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